Change Log

Version 1.0.0: Initial Release (Live with First Client)

  • Introduced the core functionality of the Upship app, allowing users to connect their commercial UPS accounts in Latin America to their Shopify stores.
  • Provided a seamless integration to display the negotiated rates with UPS in the online store, giving customers transparent shipping cost information during checkout.
  • We created the integration using the new “Fulfillment API” from Shopify.

Version 1.1.0: Improved User Experience

Added Package Configuration:

  • Enabled the ability to set up a default package for individual products or groups of products.
  • Customers can choose between UPS default packages or define their own custom packaging options, providing greater flexibility for shipping various items.

Country List Dropdown:

  • Implemented a country list dropdown feature, enabling customers to select their specific country or region during the checkout process.
  • This enhancement ensures accurate shipping rate calculations based on the destination, considering different shipping zones and costs.

Advanced Shipping Rate Calculation:

  • Revamped the shipping rate calculation process to optimize cost efficiency and package utilization.
  • Considered the weight of the product and the dimensions of the configured packages in the application.
  • Calculated the dimensional or volumetric weight of each package to determine the shipping costs.
  • Improved the handling of multiple products to optimize packaging, minimizing dimensional weight surcharges and shipping expenses.
  • Automatically generated additional packages when necessary to accommodate items that exceed the dimensional weight limit.

Version 1.2.0: Enhanced International Shipments

Commercial Invoice Generation:

  • Introduced a comprehensive solution for international shipments, addressing customs clearance requirements.
  • Implemented a feature to generate and print commercial invoices for each international package.
  • The commercial invoice provides detailed information about the contents of the package without the need for customs authorities to physically inspect the packages, reducing delays in the customs clearance process.

Product Title and Description Translation:

  • Incorporated a language translation capability to ensure accurate and standardized information on the commercial invoices.
  • Enabled automatic translation of product titles and descriptions to English, facilitating correct invoice generation for international shipments.
  • This enhancement streamlines the export process and helps users comply with customs regulations more effectively.

Version 1.3.0: New Login and Enhanced User Experience

Onboarding Checklist (New):

  • In the app's initial section, we introduced an onboarding checklist.
  • This checklist includes all the essential information required for app configuration and usage, ensuring a seamless setup experience for clients.

Secure Login with Tokens (New):

  • Implemented UPS's new login API, enhancing security by using tokens for user identification.

Default Package Selection (New):

  • Added the ability for clients to choose a default package for calculating shipping rates during checkout, providing greater flexibility in shipping options.

Order Management Enhancements (New):

  • In the order management section, clients can now select a specific package for each order and specify the desired quantity of that package for each order before sending it to customers.

Safety Measure for Package Quantity (New):

  • Implemented a safety measure to lock input for the number of packages when clients generate shipping labels, preventing accidental errors.

Thermal Label Printing (New):

  • Changed the default printing format for shipping labels to thermal paper size/format.
  • This update facilitates label printing, even with standard printers, ensuring a smoother label generation process.

Shipping Label Formatting (Enhancement):

  • Addressed an issue where shipping labels were not being divided, ensuring that each label is printed on a separate page for clarity and convenience.

Optional Insurance (New):

  • Added the option for clients to choose whether to add insurance to their packages.
  • Noted that UPS insures packages up to $100 for every order by default.
  • Clients can opt to add insurance to the total order cost or specify a custom amount.

Support for Both Login Methods (New):

  • Ensured that clients can connect their MyUPS account using both the old and new login methods.
  • This accommodation will remain available until the old login method is phased out, ensuring a smooth transition for all UPS clients.

Domestic Shipping Disclaimer (New):

  • Added a disclaimer in the configuration section to inform clients that Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, and Bolivia do not offer domestic shipping options.

These updates enhance the usability, security, and flexibility of the app, providing clients with a more streamlined and feature-rich experience. We are committed to delivering ongoing improvements and ensuring compatibility with UPS services across different regions. Thank you for choosing Upship!