Setup Guide

Completing these steps in a timely manner after installing the app will help you effectively connect your MyUPS account, customize your shipping preferences, and ensure a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

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1. MyUPS account

Make sure you have an existing MyUPS account.

2. Login Method

Make sure you know if you will use the old login method (MyUPS username and password, access key, account number and country of origin) or the new login method (client ID, client key, account number and country of origin).

3. Account Connection

  • Open the application and follow the instructions in the section entitled "UPS Account" to connect your MyUPS account.
  • Enter your account information according to the login method you have chosen (old or new).

4. Selection of the Default Package

  • Choose a default package type for shipping rate calculations during the purchase process.
  • Decide if you want to use the default UPS packages or add custom packages.
  • To add a custom package, you must know the dimensions and weight of the package to add it to the application.

5. Insurance Preferences

  • Configure your insurance preferences for the packages.
  • Select one of the following options: Deactivated (Not insured), secure the total amount of the order or secure packages for a specific amount.
  • Please note that UPS covers up to $100 USD by default for all packages.

6. Default Shipping Address

  • Specify a default shipping address for your orders.
  • It may be an address that has not been discussed during the initial configuration.

App Support

Use the instructions in the app or the on-screen tips to orient yourself during the setup.

You can write to us at if you have questions or need help.