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By Bhaskar Chavda, Co-founder & CEO at myofficecab.

( is an eco-transportation company which focuses on providing end to end employee transportation solutions to corporates.)


Yes you read it right, you can get fit by doing a start-up, we did and here I am letting out the secret formula to it:

1. Save Money on office rentals:  We did it, we chose our office in a building which did not have any parking. Rental in our building was at least 20% less compared to the adjacent building which had parking space. So we had to park our vehicles at least 200 to 500 meters away. After parking your vehicle, you walk! The first step towards improving your fitness, you start by warming up, by walking your way to the office. And this benefit is on top of savings some money, which could be utilized for your startup in a lot of other important areas!

2. Get a top view: This step has a deep linkage to step 1. Step 1 is about saving money in office rentals. If your office building does not have parking spaces, and if you have done the first step judiciously, you will not have a lift/ elevator. In India, in a commercial building, the higher up you go, lower the rates. Yes, it is reverse compared to residential space. Now, how does this help you increase your fitness? We all climb 4 floors daily up and down. That’s it – your cardio! You can run up and down on the stairs to save time and contribute to the business. Also from the top of the building, you get a high view, which helps you build your vision! Also as you go higher up, you get fresh air, which is again important for your fitness, isn’t it – not marketing myofficecab here!

3. Be the first one to office: What it means is that you will have to open the shutter. The first step towards it to squat or bend down and open the locks. The second step is to lift the shutters up, those are your weights.

4. Reach out to lots of customers: Who else will give you money? I know nowadays you could get an investor, but again for that, you have to reach out to them. We chose to reach out to customers first. And we insisted on meeting them in person. This means that you will have to walk down the stairs, walk 200-500 meters to your vehicle and once you come back, you will have to again walk your way up! Because you would have got the deal too. More customers meaning more exercise results in an increase in not only your revenue but your fitness too.

5. Focus on building processes: It is also a good team building activity! For a start-up to be successful, it is very important to build processes, and if you do not have discipline, there is no point of having any process. So we built a process to have lunch together in the office. This is very important, as skipping your meal is not healthy at all. Now you get the linkage to team building. Having lunch together helps you connect, this is the time to not talk shop but crack a joke, and know each other better.

What better way to build a fit body, team, and organization!

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